Putney Peach

Putney Peach is a rich, sweet nectar made with 100% Vermont-grown peaches. The deep, cold winters and bright, warm summers produce some of the most luscious peaches we have ever tasted. Putney Peach is a delicious tribute to the fruits of the mountains, and the passion of our farmers.

This aromatic dessert wine is exquisite with vanilla ice cream, fresh berries, and makes a fantastic Italian Bellini when blended with Prosecco. Serve chilled, and with good company.



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Yummy! I loved it all and took home 3 bottles. Our wine tasting expert was top notch and made our experience fun! Will be bringing friends back in the summer, if not sooner!

June 3, 2017
Awesome local winery offering unique and tantalizing wines and liquors, served up with a big smile and total knowledge of the products they create, well worth the trip!! ~Howard Prussack