Putney Pommeau

A French tradition with a Vermont twist.

Just as the name of our Green Mountain (“Vert Mont” ) state owes its roots to the French, our Putney Pommeau (“Apple eau de vie”) was inspired by the French tradition Charles learned in Normandy, France.

Putney Pommeau is halfway between apple brandy and apple wine. It makes a fragrant, rich and full-bodied fortified wine. It is perfect before dinner – neat or on the rocks – and after dinner in a brandy snifter.


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Yummy! I loved it all and took home 3 bottles. Our wine tasting expert was top notch and made our experience fun! Will be bringing friends back in the summer, if not sooner!

June 3, 2017
Awesome local winery offering unique and tantalizing wines and liquors, served up with a big smile and total knowledge of the products they create, well worth the trip!! ~Howard Prussack